All 4 / 4oD

All 4Channel 4 TV

TV content discovery, streaming and download.

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Screen-RedPlayer2-1RedBee Media (Now Ericsson)

TV content discovery and streaming.

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SkyGo for iOSBSkyB

TV content delivery and streaming.

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Screen-Jaguar-1Jaguar Land Rover

Presentation of sales literature and staff training materials.

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Content discovery, mapping and social media.

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Side Projects

I have two projects that I use for getting to know new technologies and techniques.

Sailing Race Time Calculator

SailRaceCalc-ProductCalculator and database.


One of the earliest apps available on the UK app store.  Re-worked using storyboards and Objective-C 2.  I’m currently re-working it in Swift, and making it support iPad multitasking for iOS 9.

Sailing Race Timer

Timer with sailing specific features.

This was a stopwatch for timing sailing races.  It was available on the app store for several years. It didn’t work well enough with the early implementations of multitaksing in iOS, so I deprecated it and removed if from sale.  I’m currently exploring the feasibility of reinstating it as an Apple Watch native app.